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*1-or-*2-Year Certificate Programs in
Soul-Centered Coaching Psychology

Certificate in Soul-centered Coaching Psychology based on Jungian, Depth, Transpersonal, and Archetypal Psychology, using Somatic, Symbolic, and Shamanic Tools and Perspectives
New spaces may be available in Fall 2022 for
1 or 2-year Coach Training and Advanced Coach Training programs.
Other learning options include:
♦ Certificate Program in Soul-Centered Psychology
♦ Auditing the program as an Independent Learner
Both these latter formats allow you to complete the assignments and/or the coaching practicum by simply paying the difference in the existing cost (if space allows).

Offered by the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching™
Certificate Training program accredited by IACTM

If you are feeling called to deepen into your Soul’s journey and help others do the same, these programs are for you.

Drawing from the Jungian, Depth, Transpersonal, and Archetypal psychologies as well as many wisdom traditions, you’ll learn through on-demand video lectures and experience soul-centered coaching techniques during your own individual coaching sessions. These will prep you for supervision for peer and client practicum phases.

These two Certificate Programs in Soul-Centered Coaching Psychology include 12 robust academic and experiential modules on 12 different themes (6 per program), including Jungian theory, dream work, depth psychology methods, myth, symbol, and story,  non-ordinary states of consciousness, alchemy, shamanism, ecopsychology and more. 
Certificate in Soul-centered Coaching Psychology based on Jungian, Depth, Transpersonal, and Archetypal Psychology, using Somatic, Symbolic, and Shamanic Tools and Perspectives

Each module includes on-demand video lectures, printed transcripts, required readings, and optional resources, academic writing assignments for integration of the material practice exercises and practical applications for coaching, 1-1 personal coaching with Dr. Bright, mentoring and supervision of coaching practicum, as well as other recommendations for marketing, best business practices, and more.

Not just online videos, the programs are a rich tapestry of interactive, experiential, and practical applications.

Earn your initial certification by successfully completing the curriculum, assignments, and practicum for Modules 1 through 6.

Then, if you choose to continue, you may earn an Advanced Certificate via modules 7-12.

These programs are strategically designed to help you create the knowledge, skills and expertise, and even the marketing tools you’ll need to hit the ground running with your new soul-centered coaching practice by the end of the initial 1-year program! You’ll also be mentored and supported on an ongoing basis.



Those who can benefit from this certificate training include anyone interested in developing a career in the healing arts via learning to coach; any coaches or therapists wishing to incorporate a soul-centered approach to their existing work; and anyone hoping to expand on their own process of personal growth and learn ways to help others do the same.



This program is led by Dr. Bonnie Bright, Soul-Centered Coach and Founder/Director Emeritus of Depth Psychology Alliance, and is offered in conjunction with Depth insights™ and the Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching™. The program is accredited through IACTM: The International Association of Coaches, Therapists, and Mentors.                                

* Please note: Some details have changed with the Program since the videos were recorded


“Bonnie Bright’s Soul-centered Coaching Program is the best investment I have ever made. The program is saturated with resources. There is no doubt in my mind after moving through the twelve modules, I will be a different person, with a toolbox of techniques to draw from. Bonnie is the mentor I have been looking for all my life.”
—Shannon L, Austin, TX
”I just finished the first month of the soul coaching class, and it’s been truly profound. So much has shifted for me already. it’s the kind, of course, I’d been searching for my whole life but didn’t think existed. It helps you nurture all parts of your being intellectual, creative, and spiritual. It’s given me so much clarity on my own inner journey, and the confidence that’ll soon be able to help others on theirs. Bonnie is an amazing mentor and person, and the chance to work with her in this way is priceless.”

—Kerry H., Cincinnati, O

”I am thoroughly enjoying this rich program and amazed of the gifts received only one month in excellent program and highly recommended!!!”

—Tami D., MBA, CPM, Canada


”This program is beautifully designed to feed your own soul through its unfolding while providing a solid academic background with which to work with clients, compelling!”

—Barbara A., Lakewood, CO

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