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Depth Insights produces educational media and consulting using depth psychological methods and theory to "see through" initial appearances and find the symbolic root of an issue. Just as the honeybee can see a spectrum of reality beyond what humans can conceive due to the nature of her multiple eyes and thousands of lenses, depth psychology uses its own lenses to assess a situation or phenomenon.

Depth Insights is the media arm for Depth Psychology Alliance, providing radio interviews, "Depth Insights"-the semi-annual e-zine, information on the free online book club, and other content focused on depth and Jungian psychology.

Depth Insights also offers research, writing, coaching, and consulting for individuals and organizations. Whether you consider your individual life or that of the organization you serve, each has a soul. Soul has been defined in many ways, but usually relates to deep meaning and vitality. Indigenous and earth-based peoples refer to soul loss" as a malady in which an individual loses meaning, becoming displaced in the fabric of existence without connection to a greater whole that gives perpective to what the individual is doing here. So, too, in modern western culture, many experts suggest we increasingly suffer from soul loss both as individuals and as a culture.

Each of us longs deeply for meaning, to live a life that is fulfilling, joyful, and significant. Soul is a concept that makes meaning in life, both for individuals and for groups and organizations. Depth psychology enables us to re-place context for those who are struggling to find meaning and to take positive action to fulfill their true potential.

By inquiring into symbols and symptoms manifest from the Unconscious to each of us as messages in dreams, art, nature ,and myth , we can develop a relationship to soul and to live a fuller, richer, more satisfying life. When we put attention and intention to the Source of Our Unconscious Longing, we are in service to SOUL, symptoms are transformed and life takes on new meaning.

"The upheaval of our world and the upheaval of our consciousness are one and the same.”
--(Carl Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul, p. 215)
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